Our mission is to provide emergency financial, education, employment and morale assistance to our Louisiana service members, wounded warriors, veterans and their families.

At Louisiana Heroes Project we are all dedicated to the end of unemployment for the heroes in our communities.    



As a volunteer led non-profit, we have countless ways you can get involved to assist our heroes at home in Louisiana.





Our mission is to provide emergency financial, education, employment and morale assistance to our Louisiana service members, wounded warriors, veterans an their families.  Our purpose is to provide a program that does not stop at financial assistance but leads to a path of financial recovery.  We assist in education assistance, financial recovery and job placement with military friendly companies who are aware of their obligations of duty.


We are dedicated to keeping it local.  When you support Louisiana Heroes Project,  you are supporting the service members who are residents of our state and members of our communities. 

All funds stay in the State of Louisiana for our Louisiana Heroes.

Not only are you supporting the service member stationed in Louisiana but you are supporting the soldier who teaches our children, the marine reservists that delivers our mail, the coast guardsman who works at the local bank, the air national guardsmen that delivers your groceries, the veteran who served honorably or the family who sacrifices time with their loved ones so we can sleep safely at night. 



  • Wounded Warrior in need of bathroom remodel.  The home was purchased prior to his combat injury and the home is not wheel chair accessible. He has a prosthetic but when home likes to remove the prosthetic as it can be painful and would like to use the wheelchair for pain relief. Looking for monetary assistance to complete this project.  Estimated cost is $5,000.00
  • Reservist lost civilian employment and in need of money for food and shelter. $1,200 will pay the rent and buy groceries for this military family
  • Veteran with new baby in need of critical baby care items such as formula, clothing, diapers, etc.  $550 will assist this veteran with much needed baby items.
  • Wounded Warrior with three young children in need of assistance.  The oldest child has Asperger Syndrome (form of Autism) and has high medical bills, currently living with parents to help offset cost of medical bills.  Needs assistance in finding a place to live, as well as groceries. $2,500 will provide groceries and several month rent for this family to get back on their feet.
  • Veteran in car accident suffering serious injuries and cannot return to work until full recovery.  Has a broken ankle, ribs and a fractured back.  Needs assistance with utility bills, rent and groceries.  $1,800 will assist this family by paying the utility bills, groceries and a months rent.
  • $25 Gift Cards for Food
  • Unwrapped Toys for Holiday Heroes Program           
  • Veterans Home in Need of Recreational Therapy Items
  • Gift Cards for Louisiana Heroes currently at Walter Reed Hospital in DC

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